2 Major Mistakes Millennials Make On Their Resume

Have you found yourself submitting your resume to employer after employer with no interview invitation? Well, it’s always a good idea to look back at your resume and see if it needs some polishing.  We have worked with many Millennials who have had similar mistakes on their resume.  In an effort to help as many of you find local jobs, we have taken note and want to share some advice.

2 Really common mistakes Millennials often make on their resume:

1- Function vs Value: Too many times on the resume under employment history they talk about functions of a job.  This doesn’t really give the new employer a good sense at who you are.  What we recommend focusing on is talking about Value the company received because of your employment with them.  Some examples might include “…I filed reports for administrators” vs “…Created reporting structure for the business which allowed the administrators to save over 100 hours a year. This lead to more time spent with clients. In that time period, our company’s revenue grew by 30% year over year.”

2- Failing to promote volunteer work: This is a great time to shine.  Show the extra effort you have taken in your life to build value for non-profits, churches, community groups.  This is looked at in a very favorable light and should not be overlooked or downplayed.

In summary, the resume is your first moment to share who you are.  This is intended to get you the interview, not your life story.  When you focus on quality, rather than sales-pitch based resume, you are going to be more genuine.  Hiring managers know the difference.

If you have any comments or questions about getting your resume polished, please be sure to post your thoughts below.

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