3 Methods To Help Land The Next Job

“I’ve Tried Everything to Get a Job, but Nothing Works!”

If you feel like this or have ever muttered those words, chances are that you are tired of looking for work! It’s an exhausting process and in some cases can take a long while!

Make sure your on top of your job seeking game by following some of these tips:

1. Take a Break

If you’re thinking that this is a weird tip, think again! Taking a step back and taking a break can be the best thing for you to do when your exhausted of job hunting. Go ahead and head to your favorite coffee stop or burger joint! Network with the people in your community or head to the Phoenix Public Market. Remember, work opportunities can pop up anywhere, so take advantage of the people around you!  Take a break from your tedious routine, but be sure to keep your networking skills sharp and with a big smile!


2. Think Outside of the Box

Money can get tight and budgets can get very slim when you don’t have a good steady income coming in. This is the right time to think of outside sources of money! It can be hard to think of additional sources, but they are out there. Garage sales, investing in the stock market and selling homemade goods either online at Etsy.com or just from the Phoenix Public Market can help! Small sources of income can be a big help in the long run.


3. Keep It Real

Being honest about what jobs you can have versus those jobs that you want is an important value when job hunting. Let’s be honest, everyone wants the high paying job in downtown with a nice paycheck to boot! In this economy, we all need to come to the realization that the economy and job market have changed in a BIG way. Being flexible and realistic will be the check point you need to make ends meet while still hunting and searching for that ideal, perfect job.

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