3 Mistakes Made at the Job Fair

LocalWork.com held the Greater Phoenix Diversity Job Fair last week.
Hiring Managers shared with us 3 key mistakes made by a few job seekers.

1)   Poor Presentation
Employers noticed some job fair attendees under-dressed or not properly groomed. To dress professionally casual is acceptable; however, flip-flops or a rock-and-roll T-shirt is no way to sell yourself to a potential employer. Treat job fairs as if you were called in for a personal interview. On a good note, we noticed stand-out and impressive job seekers who looked like polished Presidents and leaders – they showed everyone they wanted to be taken seriously.

2)   Weak Handshake
This is an interesting observation. Hiring managers noticed week handshakes from select attendees. One female hiring manager stated that they noticed more week handshakes from the male job seekers. Perhaps the male job seekers  thought they should offer a loose handshake to females. Nonetheless, everyone should introduce themselves by looking the hiring manager in the eyes and greet with a firm (not painful) handshake. Our society interprets a firm handshake with a person who is confident and ready to take on a new opportunity!

3)   Failure to Sell Yourself                                                                                       
A great secret to landing your next job is to telling and selling managers on your strengths and the type of position you are looking for. Many job seekers approach employers at job fairs and casually listen to the current company openings; many will assume that the company does not have job they want. If a company does not have a current opening in your field, tell the hiring manager about your background. Ask the hiring manager if there are potential opportunities in the future. Don’t give up – a position of your interest may open up a month from now. You never know the opportunities your future holds if you don’t sell yourself and ask for it!  

Be sure to remember these tips for our next Greater Phoenix Job Fair or the next networking event you attend. Feel free to share any of your own tips!

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