4 Secrets to Dominating your Next Interview

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4 Secrets to Dominating your Next InterviewInterviews….let’s be honest here, no one really enjoys the interview process but we all know it is necessary. You’ve heard a million different tips, tricks, and pieces of advice about how to rock your next interview, but times are changing which means so are interviews. We are here to tell you 4 secrets to dominating your next interview to help you feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly give you the best chance possible for landing the position.

Utilize your Smartphone and Record Yourself

Before going into an interview, take some time to record yourself talking on camera, answering basic interview questions. When you play it back, you will see different aspects of your communication that you may not have originally noticed in yourself. You would be amazed at how often you say “um,” “like,” “ya know,” and “yeah.” Take note of any awkward gestures, mannerisms, or movements you make out of nervousness. These are things that employers will notice, and sadly they can be frowned upon. Employers want to hire someone who is confident in their answers and abilities to do the job. Someone who is nervous, fidgeting, and unable to answer questions confidently may not be the ideal candidate. By recording yourself ahead of time, you can catch these habits and work to correct them before your interview.

Don’t Wing It

One of the best things you can do to dominate your next interview is to prepare for it! Go online and find a list of generic interview questions and practice answering them with confidence. Get comfortable talking about yourself, your qualifications, and what you have to bring to the table and be of value to the company. You may be the most personable, talkative person in the room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are “interview ready” all the time. Prepare for your interview, but don’t memorize the answers. The key is to come across confident and natural because employers will see through you if you’re faking it.

Show Up Early

This is no secret but showing up early is instrumental for the interview process for a few reasons. For one, it shows that you are responsible, eager, and timely…3 things all employers look for in future hires. It also allows you time to collect your thoughts, catch your breath, and mentally prepare for the interview when you show up early. Those few extra minutes allow you the opportunity to take in the office atmosphere. In a few short minutes of waiting in the lobby for your interview you can actually learn quite a few things about an office environment. Allow yourself those extra minutes, show up early!

Value Over Features

It is easy to write down a list of things you did at your last job, but what is more important is the value in those tasks. What exactly did you add to the company that helped in its success? When a future employer asks about your previous employment and you say, “I was a receptionist. I answered phones, responded to emails, helped with payroll,” it doesn’t show employers the value in each of those tasks. Let’s be real here, a receptionist does a lot more than answering phones. They help maintain client relations, increase communication rates, close sales because of those multi-touch points, they are often assistants to multiple people in the office which means they can multitask and ensure that deadlines are known and met. Receptionists are often the first point of contact for an entire office, which means they hold a lot of responsibility. Showing your value says so much more than just your features and qualifications.

4 Secrets to Dominating your Next Interview in Order to get the Job

These simple tips listed above may seem minor but they speak volumes to potential employers. It is so important to go into any interview with confidence, knowing that you have value to add to their team. Show the interviewer just what it would be like if you worked for them, how you would help in the overall success of their company. By practicing interview questions beforehand and learning to feel comfortable with your responses, you will have a leg up on your competition.

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