4 Top Jobs for Introverts

introvertAn introvert is an individual who is either shy, or simply doesn’t care to interact with their colleagues and clients as a primary part of their job duties. The good news is, there are many career choices that are perfect for introverts—a few of which are shared below.


1. Graphic Designer

If you have the technical and artistic abilities, working as a graphic designer is an excellent job opportunity for introverts. As a graphic designer, the vast majority of communication can occur electronically, and even if you design on behalf of a design company—working remotely may be an option. On top of that, by investing a bit of time and resources into online marketing, graphic designers can also freelance and offer their design services to clients from around the world.

2. Data Analysis

If you are good with numbers, enjoy performing research, and excel in identifying trends—then this may be the perfect job for you. Data analysis is required within every industry to help identify both areas of opportunity—as well as areas in which a company exceeds the industry norm. Data analysis is often used when conducting market research, performing industry research, and when translating sales figures, or a PNL statement into a report to highlight more than dollars and percentage signs—but into sentences that communicate the health of a business.

3. Contract Photographer

The photography field consists of many jobs which require photographers to be outgoing and comfortable working with people—such as weddings, special events, or photographing models. Even photographers who travel the world, capturing images of landscape, architecture, and culture—at some point have to present their work in a gallery or art fair, which is challenging for introverts. However, if you are an introvert and photography is your passion—search for contract photography positions that allow you to deliver what your client needs electronically. This includes photographing local landmarks and attractions, capturing candid images for a company website, or photographing real estate.

4. Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

While connecting with people may not be your strong suit, connecting with animals may be an entirely different situation. Pets are so admired and adored, that they are often considered part of the family. For this reason, many are more than happy to pay top dollar to ensure their pets are cared for while they are at work—or out of town on vacation. This includes midday dog walking, daily visits while pet owners are out of town, hosting pets in your home—and even live-in pet sitting and housesitting during extended vacations. Also consider providing pet training services, such as obedience training or learning how to train service dogs.

The job opportunities above are excellent for introverts because they all require minimal face-to-face interaction—or even entirely electronic communication.

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