5 Job Search Apps You Need Right Now


bestAppsWith today’s technology, one of the easiest and most effective ways to job hunt is on your hand-held device. Job search apps make it so that you can be on the lookout for the perfect job 24/7, and never miss a job post. Try these five great apps so you can look for jobs anytime, anywhere.


Indeed Job Search (Android & iOS): This free job search app pulls from thousands of other job boards and websites to provide a very comprehensive job search of over 16 million jobs. Jobs can be filtered by location, salary, industry, etc. Once you search for the type of job you are looking for, you can then apply right through the app with your Indeed Resume. Search for jobs not only in the U.S., but in over 50 countries and 28 languages. You can save or email the jobs that catch your eye and apply when is convenient for you. Indeed lets you personalize your job hunt by following your favorite companies, being notified when new jobs are posted, and seeing which jobs you’ve already looked at and applied for. Company reviews are available for over 6 million companies so you can get a better feel for what the jobs you’re interested in would be like.

Jobaware (iOS): This is another free job search app that specializes in integrating with LinkedIn and syncing your job search activity on the Web and the app. It’s been described as “Indeed on steroids” because it too searches a massive amount of jobs, but with additional features. Learning resources by professionals in job search and recruiting are accessible to help you succeed in the application process. Autofill features enable you to fill out job applications for you with one tap making the process quick and easy.

LinkedIn Job Search (Android & iOS): LinkedIn’s free app uses your LinkedIn profile and past job searches to recommend jobs for you. Your LinkedIn profile can be used to quickly and easily apply for jobs. However, privacy is maintained by not allowing your network to know any of your in-app activity. Open positions you find can be organized by chosen criteria such as the date posted and desired salary. Once you have applied for a job, your application status is updated as it is received and reviewed by employers.

Snagajob (Android & iOS): This is the #1 app for hourly paying jobs, particularly in the retail, restaurant, and customer service industries. Create a Snagajob profile and then use it to apply to jobs with just one click. This app allows you to see the progress of your applications as they are reviewed, see job locations on the map view, and get new relevant job posts sent to you daily. Tips for applying, interviewing, and progressing in your career are also provided.

Hidden Jobs (Android & iOS): Buy this app for $0.99 to take advantage of its unique method of company hunting, instead of job hunting. Hidden Jobs is a database of news articles, magazine articles, press releases, and online media about expanding companies that are about to begin hiring. Search by state and find leads from nearby companies so you can be on the radar for jobs soon to surface. This app is beneficial for entry-level job hunters as well as professionals with substantial experience.



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