5 Things NOT to Say at a Job Interview

What you say in a job interview is just as important as what you wear. So even if you’re dressed to kill, you’ll be warming up the unemployment line longer if you say the wrong things. The interviewer may be impressed by your appearance, but all that will go out the window if you say things you shouldn’t. If you want to improve your chances of nailing your job interview, avoid saying these things.

I got fired.” Saying you got canned from your last job will change the direction of the interview. The interviewer might start zoning in on your negative attributes instead of looking at your positive ones. Instead of saying you got “fired,” say you weren’t a good fit for the company, but you learned a lot about your abilities and what you can bring to your next job.

My old boss is a jerk.” Even if your old boss is the biggest jerk around, never rant about it in an interview. Remember, when it comes to talking about old employers, less is more. If the interviewer asks you why you’re looking for another job, keep the answer positive. You might consider saying, you had a difference of opinion with regard to the company’s philosophies.

I have to pick my kids up in 30 minutes.” If you mention your kids during a job interview, you can kiss the gig goodbye. If you can’t even do a 30 minute interview without having to run off and pick up your children, the interviewer will conclude that you can’t give the job the kind of commitment it deserves.

I don’t have any weaknesses.” When a potential employer asks if you have any weaknesses, they’re testing your self-awareness. If you deny any weaknesses, the interviewer will see you as a person who’s not willing to learn or grow. When you answer the question, don’t say something like, I have a short fuse or I want to choke people who talk too much. Instead, choose a positive weakness and follow it with a statement about how you’re overcoming it.

What does this company do?” If you ask this question, the potential employer will think that you are not interested in the position and she won’t give your application a second look. Do yourself a favor and research the company before the interview.

The job market is competitive. If you want to improve your chances of being hired, you have to bring your “A” game every time. Knowing what not to say can keep you from putting your foot in your mouth and sabotaging your ability to get a job.

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