6 Important Job Search Tips for Boomers


Searching for a job as a baby boomer can be a difficult process. Boomers looking for work need to compete against a younger job force, new college graduates, and employers that are skeptical about hiring older workers. The tough reality is Boomers will face a lot of rejection when looking for work. Employers are not allowed to say “you are too old”, but many of them are thinking this when they interview you, and others are unwilling to pay you the salary you were making before you were laid off or quit your last job. How can you bolster your resume and interviewing skills to find a new job? Use these six tips as a job search guide for Boomers.

1. Change Your Attitude

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to have a good attitude about your situation. Employers will notice a person with confidence and a can-do attitude during a job interview. Your tenacious spirit can be enough to convince an employer to give you a chance.

2. List Your Accomplishments and Strengths

What have you accomplished in your work-related field or personal life that is worth mentioning during a job interview? Create a list of your accomplishments and strengths to focus on when meeting with a potential employer as it will build your confidence for the interview.

3. Take College Courses

Bolster your resume and skills with a few courses at a technology college or community college. Today’s workforce has a major advantage thanks to technology training. You must be able to keep up with this young workforce that has a number of skills related to computers and technical training. If you have yet to obtain your college degree, consider going back to college, or taking online college courses to complete your degree. Having a degree and recent educational training will show an employer you have the necessary skills to do the job.

4. Update Your Resume

Pay a professional to help you create an updated resume. A new employer will not care about your first job forty years ago, they want to see your recent accomplishments and want a combination resume. List your core competencies and accomplishments and then go into an abbreviated job history.

5. Use Your Network

Reach out to your network of associates to help you land a job interview. Create a LinkedIn profile to help you network with your industry and find people that will be able to help you find a new job. Building a new network and connecting with your past network is a valuable way to find a new career.

6. Be Flexible

You need to be realistic about your salary or job title. Just because you were a manager with a six-figure salary doesn’t mean you will make the same or have the same title. You must be willing to negotiate with an employer to find the perfect fit for you and for their company.

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