7 Holiday Company Party Tips NOT To Forget

This holiday season, there is some great opportunities for you to shoot yourself in the foot with your boss, but also some key moments you can maximize to help you enhance your careers.  Some of you may be debating on even going to your holiday party.  GO! This is a great time to show you are a team player, but remember these 7 crucial tips to help you make the most of your company party

What is a company party dress code?

The office party is an extension of the business day.  Be sure to dress up to the standards, but don’t be afraid to be a bit over dressed.  It is better to overdress, than to under dress.   When in doubt, a quick email to the person planning the party is appropriate.  Simply state you are excited for the company party, want to make sure you are inline with the occasion.  What is the dress code?  At the end of the day, make sure you maintain a sense of professionalism in your wardrobe.

How To Look Good at Company Party?

The holiday party is a place to put your best foot forward and create good memorable moments.  Use it as a networking opportunity.  It is easy to look bad, but remember you are there to win confidence of coworkers and superiors inside the company.  Treat other guests as if there are potential clients.  Remember names, be polite and show respect.

Should I Drink Alcoholic Beverages at the Party?

This is a personal decision, but we recommend you make that decision before even arriving.  Be sure to limit yourself and take cues from the higher-ups.  This is an area that is easily crossed over and you need to consciously be aware of your game plan before attending.   If you are planning on consuming alcoholic beverages, find out before hand if it is a cash bar, or tips only.  Don’t create that awkward moment when you suddenly realize you have no cash.

Are You Bringing a Guest With you?

If you are bringing a date or a spouse to the holiday party, be sure you are properly introducing him or her to your bosses and colleagues.  Nothing is more awkward for your guest than being on the outside of all the jokes and laughs.  But taking it a step forward can win you big points.  In your conversations with colleagues, be sure to include their guests in the conversation.  Remembering their names will give you some big brownie points in the office.

Want to Know the Quickest Way to Create Enemies at a Holiday Party?

Don’t talk about personal issues at the party.  There will always be those conversation starters about politics, Obamacare (thinking it’s a work topic because its about company benefits. it’s not) or religion.  Best to stay safe on these topics.  This can quickly put you in a negative light with a colleague.  As the event goes on, you might be eager to find out the latest gossip with coworkers. Don’t do it! Stay away from gossip.  This not only destroys trust with the person you are talking about, but you are subconsciously telling the person you are talking with you can’t be trusted.

What is The Biggest Tip This Year?

PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE! You have great facetime with bosses, coworkers (who could be your future boss) and you should make the most of it.  This is your time to shine.  Show a touch of personality and light into why you are a great person.  Don’t ruin your moment by surfing your friends moments.  Show your sincere appreciation for the event by engaging with everyone there.

Say Thank You!

If you are having a hard time thinking of a conversation starter, start with a big sincere, Thank You!  This will always lead to a big impression.  Show your humility and appreciation.  The day after the party, a personalized email to the party planner along with the boss who approved it is always appreciated.

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