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A Career As A Water Leak Detector

A Career As A Water Leak Detector

No one likes to find out they have a leak in their home. But finding leaks early means they can be repaired before they become a big problem and lead to major damage. Whether you’ve noticed that your water bill is getting higher or you found water pooling somewhere in your home, a water leak detector like Leak Science can help deal with any leak you have by diagnosing the water leak, locating where is it on your property, and solving the issue for you.

What is water leak detection?

Water leak detection is a technique that locates water leaks in homes, pipes, and pools. If you have a leak in your home, whether it’s a drip under the sink or a leaking pipe somewhere under the house, it’s important to find and repair it as quickly as possible. If you don’t, you run the risk of having bigger problems later on. Water leak detection is the first step in repairing a leak. It hones in on where the leak originates so the underlying problem can be fixed. You may see signs that you have a leak, such as a high water bill or water stains on your ceiling. Water leak detection is used to confirm there is a leak so it can be repaired.

What does a water leak detector do?

A water leak detector is someone who comes to your location to find the source of a leak. If the source of the leak is not apparent, a water leak detector uses technology and other methods to find the source. A water leak detector not only detects the source of the leak, but also the extent of the leak. You may think your water leak is a minor drip, but a water leak detector can find out just how bad the leak is and what damage has already occurred because of it. Once the problem has been identified, a water leak detector determines what needs to be done to fix it so that there’s no more leak and no more damage in your home.

Perks to working as a water leak detector

Working as a water leak detector has perks that continue to draw people to the career.

You get to protect people’s homes. Leaks can cause a lot of damage to a home. If they’re not caught and repaired early, the repairs can be extensive and complex. Working as a water leak detector means you get the opportunity to find leaks when they’re small so you can protect people’s homes from damage and ensure their home is safe for their family. Knowing you can help people can make the work more meaningful.

There’s always work to do. As long as there is plumbing, there will be a need for water leak detectors. No one wants to think that plumbing problems can happen, but any pipe can get a leak. That means there’s always work for water leak detectors. Because water leak detection falls under plumbing, job prospects are positive for the future, as well.

The work is always different. No two leaks are the same. A water leak detector has to go into a job knowing that it will be different from others. That can make the work more interesting because so much varies from day to day.

Water leaks can be serious problems in your home. The key is to identify the source of the leak as quickly as possible so it can be repaired before major damage happens. A water leak detector comes to your home and finds where the leak started and how bad it is so you can get it fixed. If you suspect a leak in your home, call Leak Science today to schedule an assessment with one of our expert water leak detectors.

Salary Expectations

There are many factors that play a role in the pay structure of a water leak detector. Their salary can depend on experience, location, certifications, and job title. The average salary for someone working in water leak detection is about $63,000 according to SimplyHired, who aggregates job listings and salaries from thousands of websites and job boards. They also noted that the bottom 10% of professionals in this career field make around $29,000 while the top 20% make around $98,000 per year. Of course, this salary number has the possibility of growing even higher if you are able to branch out and form your own business. Keep in mind that, yes, your salary will be higher but you do have to also worry about both health insurance and time-off coming out of your own pocket if you were to go that route. High risk and higher reward.

Your Career As A Water Leak Detector

If you’re someone that loves to constantly change your working scenery and also enjoy working with your hands, then becoming a water leak detector could be the career path for you. This is a very rewarding job that requires you to master your machinery, be able to locate difficult water leaks (that can sometimes be buried under feet of concrete, pavers, and dirt), and repair those leaks so that customer hopefully doesn’t have to see you again anytime soon. In addition, if you’re entrepreneurial-minded, this can be a career path that you have the opportunity to dictate your hours, your pay, and, most importanly, your time off.

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