Deciding to Stay? Do it the Right Way!

Decided to Stay? DO it the right wayGetting the job is one thing, but deciding to stay and make it a long term commitment is entirely different. Finding a company best fit for you and your advancement goals is amazing, so we are here to give you a few tips on the right way to stay with a company, as well as how to advance within the company! There are three components to consider when choosing to stay and grow with your current company, determine potential career paths internally and acknowledge opportunities of advancement, identify resources available to you, and maximize your performance reviews. If you are deciding to stay, here’s how to do it the right way!

Determine Opportunities for Advancement

When you find a company with the right culture fit, you most likely want to stay, which means it is time for you to start mapping out your internal career path within the company. The majority of companies have a variety of different sectors, and if it is a startup there is always potential for new sectors to open up once growth occurs, which means the potential for advancement opportunities can be extensive if you know where to look. Just because you are employed in one department doesn’t mean you can only advance in that sector. Take the time to do some in-depth research into your company and see where growth opportunities lie in various departments. If you have your eye set on a specific career path, make those goals known to your managers. Work hard each day to prove what a great and loyal employee you are; let it be known that you are devoted to working your way up within the company.

Identify Resources

Every company has resources, they just may not be advertised. If you really want to advance in your career within your current company, ask about the different resources available to you. Resources can include: internal or external training programs, mentoring or shadowing programs, cross training between various departments, certifications, or education opportunities. These various resources can help you master certain skills and elevate you to a next level employee, making you an extremely valuable asset to the company.

Maximize Performance Reviews

Performance reviews don’t have to have a negative connotation. If you are looking to advance within your current company, take advantage of performance reviews and use them as a stepping stone. When you meet with your managers, take the time to outline your achievements, share your aspirations and goals, and listen to coaching points to see where you can further develop your skills to grow. Performance reviews give you the opportunity to have a two-sided open conversation with your leaders. They allow you to showcase how far you have come and where you plan to go. If you want to advance within your organization, don’t let a performance review be negative. Take every opportunity to succeed at your job so that during your next review you can talk advancement versus improvements.

Find Your Career Path

Once you know you want to stay at a company, it is time to find your career path within. Take these few tips listed above and really maximize your opportunities to grow within your organization. There are opportunities around every corner, you just have to work to find them. We encourage you to find a company whose culture you can immerse yourself in. Finding a company you truly love is like finding gold, so do everything in your power to advance from within!




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