How to Prepare For a Virtual Job Fair

Virtual Job Fair Tips

Are you attending a virtual job fair and need tips to prepare for it? Follow our guide for making the most of virtual career events and making a strong first impression. 

If you’re thinking about applying to one of the virtual job fairs, we say go for it! A job fair gives career seekers a fantastic opportunity to connect with employers and get a peek into new job and internship openings. At the event, you can talk to recruiters and hiring managers and get to know all about different industries and companies. 

Now, considering the global situation with the pandemic and social distancing measures, this year’s job fairs will have to move to virtual platforms. Thanks to technology, we don’t have to postpone these events, but more preparation might be needed. Online job fairs will differ from the ones you participated in or heard about in the past. You may want to take some extra steps to set yourself up for success!

Register On Time

First thing first, make sure to register on time. You don’t want to ruin your chance of getting to the career fair – and believe us, it can get pretty crowded even online. Closely monitor the opening day and reserve your seat ahead, so you can prepare for the upcoming event stress-free.

Conduct Research

The second most important step you should take to prepare for the job fair is research. Even if you’re not traveling to the event, you need to create a plan for making connections. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a conversation with people you don’t know anything about. Thus, browse through the list of virtual job fair participants and research employers who are hosting sessions. 

Once you shortlist the companies you would like to talk to, search them up on the internet. Learn more about their business so you can ask the right questions when the time is right. Plus, your knowledge of the industry will most certainly impress potential employers. 

Also, make sure to book sessions with employers early on, so you don’t end up without a free spot on the day of the fair. 

Prepare Your Resume

Now, the only logical next step includes preparing your resume. Employers will want to know more about you! Job fair platforms usually allow participants to upload resumes, portfolios, and website links. If this is the case with the fair you’re attending, make sure to polish your resume and online profiles and attach them all accordingly. 

It would be good for you to practice your pitch and prepare a few talking points as well. Think about how you want to introduce yourself and the experience and interests you want to share. Your background, studies, and career goals are of high interest to recruiters. 

Check Your Gear

Is your Wi-FI stable? Do your headphones work properly? Make sure to check every single item in your tech gear before going online. Problems with an internet connection and other pieces of your equipment can ruin the entire fair for you, so make sure to double-check your settings. 

Dress for Success

Maybe you’re attending this year’s job fair from the comfort of your home, but you should still dress up professionally. Some employers may want to speak with you face to face, and you should be ready to shine and impress with your looks, personality, and experience. 

Pro Tip: Yes, you can wear your sweats as long as your button-up shirt and a suit coat get all the attention of your camera. 

Set Up Your Home Office

Once you set up all the things above, take some time to review your home office. You should attend the virtual job fair from a quiet location that offers enough light and a pleasant background. People should see and hear you clearly, and a distraction-free background will help them focus and keep their interest in you. 

Communicate With Confidence

At the virtual job fair, you want to speak up and stand out from the others. Employers will look into the way you lead both written and verbal communication, making assessments while you speak. Thus, polished grammar and business language is a must. 

Along with keeping your messages error-free, you should also try to express yourself in the best way to make connections. Employers like to hear confident candidates who can talk about themselves and show interest in the company. 

Final After-Fair Tips

Once the job fair is over, reach out to your new connections with a thank-you email. Don’t let your efforts go to waste by forgetting to contact the people you met. Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers and remind them about why you’re a good candidate for their company. Take a chance to chat a little more outside the fair and send your resume and work examples (if you haven’t already). 


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