6 Key Steps to Finding and Getting a Job

Finding a job

Are you starting the job hunt? Or maybe you’ve been looking but haven’t had much success? Well we’ve compiled a group of articles that contain the most important information you will need to find and land the job you’ve been looking for. From finding job listings to making a good impression in an interview, these pieces take you through the process and will give you the know-how and confidence needed to get hired.

14 Best Job Search Apps

There are tons of job search apps to filter through, but which ones are really worth your time? Business News Daily put together a list of the best 14 FREE apps you can use to find job listings. Multiple options are presented for both iPhone and Android, with the benefits to each app clearly laid out for you. Using an app to find newly posted jobs is a great way to look since you can easily access them in your spare minutes throughout the day, get notifications when new postings are listed, apply for jobs through your mobile device, and more.

Remember of course to check out all the jobs posted on Localwork.com as well, now optimized for mobile!

How to Find a Job Without Using Job Boards

While quite popular, job boards aren’t the only way to find a job these days. In fact, Arnie Fertig, founder & CEO of Jobhuntercoach,  says that applying to a job through a job board is basically a shot in the dark, and that there are much more effective ways to job hunt. This article outlines five other job-search activities you can do to improve your odds of getting noticed and hired.

How to Write a Damn Good LinkedIn Profile

Elizabeth Magill created this LinkedIn profile guide to help guide those looking for jobs because the majority of hiring companies rely on social media (primarily LinkedIn) to both recruit and learn more about job candidates. She says, “A well-crafted LinkedIn profile allows you to provide something that no resume or cover letter can. It lets you showcase yourself in multiple dimensions, to paint a picture of yourself as a whole person, instead of just the typical resume’s collection of dates and buzzwords.” Potential employers will often get their first impression of you by viewing your LinkedIn profile long before they meet you in person, so you need it to be great. From your headline to your connections, this guide walks you through the key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile.

Customize Your Cover Letter to the Ad/Customize Your Resume for Best Results

Submitting the same cover letter and resume to every job you apply for is a sure way to get your application thrown into the “no” pile. Employers don’t want to read generic letters that show no knowledge of the specific job at hand. While you shouldn’t spend hours creating a new cover letter and resume from scratch for each job you apply for, take a little time to tweak them.  Match your qualifications to the employer’s requirements and then show why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Complete with guidelines and examples, these Monster articles will help you customize your cover letter and resume as needed.

How to Ace the 50 Most Common Interview Questions

You’ve found jobs that interest you, submitted applications with your flawless cover letters and resumes, and been invited to interview. So far so good, but you’re not home free yet! Now is the time to really prepare to make a lasting impression in person. Glassdoor went through thousands of questions to find the 50 most common questions for your practice. Learn how to prepare and answer tricky ones like “Why are you leaving your current job?” , “Why should I hire you?” and more.

The Ultimate Guide on What to Wear to an Interview

From business formal to casual, you will find great guidelines on what to wear to all your interviews in this guide. Complete with pictures for men and women, these clear dos and don’ts will give you the confidence you need to pick out the perfect outfit that will give a good impression but not distract. Don’t wait to pick out your clothes until the morning of—the better prepared you are in all aspects, the better your interviews will be. So study up now!

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