No degree? No problem! How you can still find a good job – 3TV


“We’re finding companies that are looking for specialists, not generalists, and a lot of times you can become a specialist with without a bachelor’s degree,” said Ryan Naylor,  the founder and president of LocalWork.coma job website.

He says a lot of companies are more interested in what you’ve done versus what you studied, and they’re happy to compensate you well above minimum wage for it.

“They’re looking for people that stand out and know exactly what they’re doing, so they’re willing to pay a premium for that service,” Naylor said.

The kinds of specialty jobs he’s talking about include computer programmers, police officers, web developers, healthcare workers and even employees in the legal field.

Naylor says computer programming is one of the hottest industries at the moment, paying upwards of $21 an hour.

“As everything is becoming more mobile and web-based, programmers are in high demand,” he said.


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