Overcoming Obstacles When Looking For Work

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With the economy, life’s stresses and everything else in between- looking for work can be quite a struggle at times. You may put out your resume over and over with possibly no response. This is when things get really frustrating and tiresome.

Common obstacles that occur when applying for jobs can include lack of response, feelings of over qualification and more. These are NOT reasons to give up on your hunt! Sometimes the best way to go about looking for a job is simply to stop looking- and no, this doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and waiting for a miracle!

Think about your interests and habits and make a list of places that you frequently visit. Are there any local connections? Are you meeting new people constantly or are you keeping to yourself? There is always one phrase that often enters the mind when thinking about job hunting- “Never give up and never stop networking!”

This day in age, you can’t rely on just having a basic resume to land your next dream job. It’s not only what you know, but who you know. This is more important when looking at local jobs! Small business owners and local businesses are successful because of their networking skills and because they, like you, are looking to make connections with good, quality individuals.

Yes, it always counts to have a good background in your field and yes, of course they want a nice resume with good references. It is also important to make a good impression! You can make connections with local people and local business owners, but only if you go out of your way to step outside after putting your resume online and go meet the faces behind the computer screen! You will up your opportunities to land a local job if you visit and frequent local events and network, network, network!!

What are some of the connections that you have made with local businesses? What local networks have you joined or participated in? What events have you visited that you’ve had an opportunity to talk to someone new? Think about getting involved in Phoenix’s local community and you might be surprised what connections you may find.


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