Phoenix Business Journal “Silence is deafening, demoralizing for job seekers”

Sometimes silence is deafening. And for many job seekers, it is also demoralizing.

A confluence of online job applications, waves of applicants and downsized human resources departments has resulted in many job applicants never hearing back from employers. Nary a peep as their resume or applicants go into the contemporary job market’s black hole.

Ryan Naylor, CEO of, a Phoenix staffing firm, said he is seeing as many as 80 percent of job applicants receiving no further contact after an interview.

“They still don’t even hear back,” said Naylor, whose company hosted a 50-company job fair in Phoenix Monday.

He said human resource departments suffered cuts during the recession and can’t keep up with work loads.

The problem for job applicants is that they do not receive any feedback on why they didn’t get a job and how to improve their odds. Consequently, they may be submitting the same lacking resumes over and over again.

It’s also demoralizing for the long-term unemployed and under-employed. The long-term jobless make up 36 percent of the official federal unemployment counts, though some drop off the statistical grid after they give up job searches and run out of benefits.

Naylor said he is seeing hiring by call centers locally, but Arizona’s real estate and growth-dependent economy is still clawing its way back from the recession.


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