Remove Entitlement. Leave Your Hubris Behind You. Find A Job!

There are a lot of employment opportunities out there, if you’re willing to work hard to find them! The fact that my profession is very busy is proof that a lot of employers all over the state are providing rewarding careers across all industries and disciplines. Yes, there is a local career opportunity for you too! But, as a job seeker, there are some honest questions you must ask yourself in order to land an appropriate job more quickly. Here they are:

1. Do I deserve the right job for me if I’m not willing to work hard while finding it?

What does it mean to work hard while finding a job? It means you get up early, get ready for the day dressed in at least business casual attire before beginning your search. You continue searching for at least six to eight hours each day. Obviously, the more hours the better, but if you’re currently only spending four hours a day, try for six.

Working hard isn’t quite enough however; you must work smart as well. Be willing to attend networking engagements and to receive help from professionals who truly have your interests in mind. Networking yourself into your companies of choice is an effective way to set yourself apart from other applicants also going after the same employment opportunities as you. Network by going to job fairs, business networking functions, LinkedIn, etc. There are lots of ways to work smart, I’ve provided just a couple ideas.

2. Does my attitude reflect what an employer would want to hire?

I get it, finding a job is hard, and keeping a positive attitude is harder on some days than others. But you need to learn how to humbly submit yourself to recruiting and staffing professionals who truly have your interest of finding employment at the forefront of their minds.

If you have reflected a poor attitude at job fairs, networking engagements, or even in the privacy of your own home, STOP IT NOW! It will, for sure, take you longer to find work if you don’t maintain a positive attitude. Your attitude, positive or poor, will be recognized by employers. What type of attitude do you want to reflect?

3. Am I willing to let others help me?

If you want to find a job on your own and not solicit the help of those around you, it WILL take you much longer than necessary to land a career, guaranteed! There are so many great resources in your community from local job boards to state agencies whose responsibility it is to help you find a career. Be willing to accept help from friends, family and professional resources. The moment you refuse help or question whether you want to accept help from your resources around you is the very moment you have just signed up for a potentially lengthy job search.

4. Do I feel entitled?

Entitlement can negatively affect your attitude and consequently result in a much longer career search than I’m sure you want. Having an entitlist mentality suggests that you deserve a career opportunity without putting in the work that’s necessary. Now is the time to be humble, submissive and willing to do whatever it takes to find meaningful employment; leave your hubris behind you!

Take a deep breath, know everything will be fine, and gladly do whatever you can to work hard and find the career of your dreams!

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