Seasonal or Temp Jobs…Pros and Cons Of Accepting Job

Every year around this time department stores, retail and even transportation starts to pick up their seasonal push of hiring.  Many of these jobs are 20-30 hours a week and offer some strong pros and cons.  Here are a few of the big ones you should consider before accepting that job opportunity.


  1. Time To Make Extra Money- Going into the holiday season, making a little extra money is not a bad thing.  Great opportunity to keep yourself out of dept and payoff some of those extra bills you have hanging around.
  2. Resume Gaps- If you’ve been looking for a new job for awhile, the gap in time since your last job can look bad on your resume.  It can bring up doubts to a potential employer as to why you haven’t been hired yet.  Good news is those seasonal jobs can give you extra depth to your work experience and help fill the time gap that might raise questions.
  3. Networking- The best way for an employer to find a candidate is by referrals.  Getting yourself into a company, networking and making a good impression gives you a big advantage when they are deciding on full-time positions to fill.  Give yourself the best chance possible to get noticed. Make that great impression!


  1. Benefits- It is very rare to find a company which offers benefits for temp or season positions.  This can be very frustrating especially if you are working 2 or maybe even 3 part-time jobs.
  2. Limited Hours- Unfortunately, full-time employees usually get the first pick on the shifts and schedules which puts part-time and seasonal employees to get the leftovers.  This can be hard on getting any type of consistency.  With the limited hours restrictions you’ll find yourself working hard to fill slots usually during weekends, late nights, or early mornings.

In conclusion, a job is a job.  It is better to be active and get your foot in the door rather than waiting for your phone to ring.  Many employers like to source from within.  Find a great company you’d like to work for on a full-time basis and see what season or temp jobs they have available during the next few months.

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