So what makes you think you are qualified to do this job?

03 Jan 2014 by

This is the second most often asked question on an interview whether the actual question is asked or insinuated. The essence of every interview is to derive from the candidate whether or not he/she can actually do the job for which they are interviewing. As an interviewer, my primary concern is can you actually answer this question to my satisfaction? Can you actually prove you are the best candidate for me to hire? Do you have the substantiation to convince me you are my best decision?
What Do We Mean By Substantiation?
Do you have the data from your current or prior positions to show me so I can see your examples, successes and recognition? Do you have a portfolio you can use as a “sales brochure” featuring the best product you have ever sold…you? Is your presentation confident, organized and credible? I must go to my boss and plead your case so I can hire you. “Help me help you” as Jerry McGuire coined it best.
Some Questions To Consider:
Do you know the job and how you match up? Does your resume match the roles and responsibilities of the position description? Can you tell me you understand which position requirements are most essential and that you have done them successfully? If you can…better than your competition…you just may hear “When can you start?”
The following video gives another tactic for thinning out the competition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu25lUDJZgY
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