Stuck at a dead end job? Head over to the job fair!


Do you feel trapped?

Working at a dead end job can be scary.

Why torture yourself at a job you don’t like? Don’t be trapped! Wiggle your way out of those ropes and run for the door. This isn’t a scary movie though you still need to be smart so don’t make the obvious mistakes. Always have a job lined up before jumping ship of course.

This coming Monday November 3rd is your opportunity to finally find that great career that you’ve been waiting for. is hosting the final job fair for this year at the Phoenix Airport Marriott.  Find a great job with a company that has great company culture. Top Arizona Companies are going to be there. So don’t hesitate. There’s going to be over 1200 FULL TIME jobs available and over 1500 PART TIME seasonal jobs as well. So don’t be shy theres plenty to go around.

Make sure you’re prepared. Are you going to be empty handed when zombies finally take over the world? No! So make sure you have the right tools to fight off the zombie apocalypse.

Look sharp, update your resume, perfect your charisma and refine your listening skills. Get yourself out there. Stand out from the crowd and shoot your way through the many professional hiring managers in Arizona. RSVP today don’t miss out!!



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