Turn To Social Media For Job Hunt

As we have sat down and talked with job seekers fighting the fight of unemployment, they share a common process in applying and getting an interview.  Here are a few tips to utilize social media to help get you the edge you deserve.

Twitter: What are you doing on twitter?  Are you posting links to your resume via your twitter account?  If not, you should.  Recruiters and big companies looking to hire will turn to social media to look for candidates.  There are ways to search for keywords of twitter posts in a geographical area to save the recruiter time.  For example…if you tweet “I am looking for a #sales job located in #Phoenix #AZ click to view my resume http://bit.ly….”  There are several words in this post which will pop up as a relevant keywords a recruiter might be searching for.  Your chances of being found are much higher.

YouTube: Our studies have shown job candidates who embed a video introduction into their resume will have a significantly higher chance of landing an interview over the same resume with no video.  Take a moment to show that smile, professionalism, confidence in a video.  Employers love to save time and hire those who they know, trust and like.  A video can create a connection quicker than a 1000 word resume any day.  Visit LocalWork.com to add your video intro into your resume.

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