What Do You Value In Your Workplace?

Two separate surveys given to thousands of local Phoenician business professionals reflect some interesting data regarding what they prefer in their daily responsibilities. The question was “What do you like most about being a manager?”. The choices were Recruiting and Hiring, Employee Retention and Development, Conflict Resolution, and Driving Results In Your Operation.

One group responded with 62% in favor of Driving Results In Your Operation. The other group yielded a 58% rating in favor of Driving Results In Your Operation. This data reflects what business owners and managers often place as their main priority. Of the two groups surveyed, only 37% and 41% respectively mentioned that Employee Retention And Development was something they liked most about being a Manager (the other options received zero votes). What do you care most about? I would like to address both job seekers and employers.

Job seekers:

You need to define what will set certain companies apart from others in your decision of accepting job offers. If retention and development is important to you, be sure to ask your prospective employer how heavily they focus on those agendas. Ask what procedures and/or programs are initiated to reflect that focus. Employee retention and development should be crucially important to you because it reflects what kind of support and environment you can expect upon accepting the job offer.


Take a careful look at companies that top the charts of Best Places To Work reports. If you look at those companies carefully, you’ll notice they place a lot of emphasis on retaining their people and developing them throughout their career. Their focus of driving results in the operation starts with developing their people and providing a positive workplace environment.

How Can You Increase Retention And Employee Development?

I’ll keep it simple by listing bulleted statements to keep in mind…

– Have an open-door policy that is truly open.

– Provide opportunities for subordinates to rate and give open feedback to management.

– Provide workplace benefits that your people care about (survey your people to find out).

– Allow for and encourage growth (especially when your people make big and small mistakes; remember they’re human).

– Be encouraging, enthusiastic, flexible and understanding.

– Value your people and their opinions. Show how you value them.

It’s not my place to suggest whether those who provided certain responses to the survey were wrong or right, because it’s all subjective. However, we do need more Managers that, when asked the initial question, respond with an answer that reflects a greater importance placed on their people because you will never drive optimal results without reliable, committed and happy employees.


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