Why You Should Continue Your Job Search this December!

December is a busy month for most people and businesses. It’s holiday season, so there are usually a lot of vacation days, and we all want to close up the books on 2013 before we start rolling out our plans for 2014. As a job seeker, you may think this is a good time to back off on your search, but is that the best choice? Companies are still hiring this December because they want to start January with a full house.

Companies Are Looking for You!

Whether you want to get into a small, mid-sized, or larger organization, most are gearing up for the new year right now. They may also have a budget that ends on December 31, and if they haven’t filled that open position, the money could be reallocated. That’s a big reason that they’re busily looking for you!

Search Online for Posted Jobs

Hundreds of local jobs are posted on online job boards right now, whether through aggregate sites such as LocalWork.com or company/government sites. You need to be allotting a set amount of time each day to look through those posts and then tailor your resume to meet their needs. You can’t get noticed if you send a vanilla application — or, worse yet, don’t even apply!

Apply to Your Dream Companies

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with applying “cold” to a company that interests you. Search on LinkedIn for the appropriate person and send a great resume and introductory letter. Tell the company that you are geared up and ready to interview now and start now or at the first of the year. Eager is sometimes a good trait to have!

Stay Positive

Local talent guru and Executive Recruiter, Ken Butler ([email protected]), at The Blakesley Group  says, “Job hunting during the holidays can seem daunting, but don’t get overwhelmed. The truth is that many businesses are planning now; this is usually when the growth and hiring goals are solidified. It’s a key time to target companies and get in the front of the resume line. Be specific: don’t email your resume to everyone. Instead, apply for what you know you can get and you’ll spend less time waiting for callbacks.”

You might just surprise yourself when you land that amazing position while those other job seekers are taking December off, mistakenly thinking businesses are as well. No matter what’s happening in the world, business is happening, and you can make a huge difference in your career now.

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