15 Updates To Your Resume in 15 Minutes You Need To Do


It’s 2015 and time for you to update that resume, regardless if you’re looking for a new job or not.  We have seen some amazing resumes over the past year, and some terrible ones I wish I could help.  Most of the time, a few changes can make a big difference.  Here are 15 resume updates you can do in 15 minutes:

  1. Change your font to Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman.  Make sure your resume is readable. It may not make your whole resume beautiful, but it’s the right start.
  2. Save your resume file name from “Resume” to “[First Name] [Last Name]. When a recruiter downloads your resume, often times it’s going to a downloads folder on their computer.  If they have a lot of applicants, it can get real messy if they are all named “resume.”
  3. If you have gaps of employment, swap out exact dates with years only (i.e., 2009-2010).
  4. Print copy of your resume and ask a stranger to read it. Get feedback before you submit it to employers.  Need an easy place to test this? Try the local library.
  5. Update your Linkedin profile (or create one). Share your simple URL on your resume so they can view more details.
  6. Keep that resume to one page.  Seriously, one page! I know you want to share a lot, but keep it simple.
  7. Do you have an Objective area? Remove it.
  8. Write a section called Why I’m Your Perfect Fit.  Keep it simple, but give it some punch.  Show an employer you’re read the job description and adapted your resume to their needs.
  9. Email a close friend or family member who is successful or recently got a new job.  Ask to view their resume.
  10. Take out compensation.  Way too many judgements are made when an employer sees all your previous compensation plans.  You can share that later during an interview.
  11. Keep your bullet points to a maximum of 5.  (if you’re having a hard time with #6, this can help you.)
  12. Call a former co-worker & supervisor and request some great ways to describe you.  A quote inside a resume? YES!
  13. Remove your high school experience unless recently graduated or no additional education.
  14. Add in “Keywords” to your resume.  If you’re a sales professional, make sure you have similar keywords throughout.  This will help with resume search inside a big database.
  15. Change your old email address @hotmail.com or @aol.com to something fresh and new (i.e., @gmail.com, @outlook.com).

If you’re still having a tough time getting that resume perfect, consider reading some of our other resume tips articles.

Now that your resume is ready, let’s go start our job search!

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