3 Things To Never Do During Interview


We are always hearing tips from recruiters on what they like to see during an interview. Here is something new… things NOT to do during an interview.  Maybe you’ve had an interview recently and you never heard back from the recruiter.  This can be frustrating, not because you didn’t get the job, but because you want feedback to get better.  Check yourself with this list below.  You may be doing one or all of these.

1- Complain about previous boss or company. This looks really tacky! A recruiter is assuming you’re a negative person, and you’ll probably complain about their company next. Never a great idea to talk yourself up, while talking someone down. Some companies see this as a major red flag for a candidate.

2- Text! – Really? Do we even have to mention this? Yes, it sounds like we do. We are not talking about picking up your phone and texting a pal to see what plans they have for lunch. It’s usually a response to a text message they received during the interview. Here’s an idea… leave your phone in your car for 30 min. Keep those distractions away.

3- Forget to ask questions. Never forget to ask questions. This helps show the recruiter you are interested in their job. Try and stay away from the generic questions, “what’s it like working here.” Take time before your interview to find talking points and ask good questions like, “I notice one of your core values for the company is Integrity. Can you please share an example on how the company promotes living this value inside the organization?”

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Do you find yourself doing one of these interview

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