12 Minutes Which WIN Every interview; Minute 2…”Square UP”

When we started this series we opened by emphasizing the importance of picking the right jobs to seek. Rather than apply online for 10 jobs per week (only 15% of jobs are available online), why not target three and learn everything about the company you can. Then, pursue the positions with a high probability of actually winning a job offer for a position you would like to have.

Minute 2 takes a huge leap forward after you have applied for a job, been selected for a screening interview, passed it, and scheduled a face-to-face interview to present your skills. Next, you need to answer the question “So what makes you think you are actually qualified for this job?” You have arrived at the office or training facility of the company offering the position. Typically, all candidates are placed into a “holding pen”, “bull pen”, or waiting room. While many other candidates could also be there, there are many methods of preparation each candidate can use to prepare him/herself to win the job offer.  A few suggested ones are:

  1. Do I know specifically what my goals for this interview are?
  2. Do I know my resume inside and out?
  3. Can I quote from it without reading it word by word?
  4. What are the critical SOARs (Situation, Opportunity, Action Steps, Results) I will reference when I’m asked certain questions?
  5. Where will I position myself to ensure my top “Super SOARS” are highlighted and  delivered?
  6. Do I “match” requirements of the job?
  7. Can I prove it?
  8. Do I know the answers I will deliver based on the same questions I have gotten on virtually every interview I have been on in the last 15 years? (“Tell me about yourself,” “What are your skill sets?”, “Why should we hire you?”)

Each time I conduct interviews, I am mystified how poorly prepared some candidates are. Some are overly prepared and finish high on the data integration evaluations. Other candidates appear as if they are there for the “experience” and an “informational interview.” Preparation, practice and old fashioned memorization propel top candidates into top job offers. Next week…”Gangplank”

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