3 Tips To LinkedIn Like An All-Star!

Happy New Year! It’s your LinkedIn Coach here with some advice for the New Year.  In my last blog, we discussed how to “LinkedIn Like an All-Star in 6 easy steps, in about an hour” and one of those steps was to include a professional photo in your profile.  I stated in that blog that photos are important because hiring managers and recruiters want to see with whom they are connecting, and potentially hiring.

But there is more to uploading an appropriate photo to LinkedIn than meets the eye.  The candid selfie you took at the Bowl Game parties over the holidays?  No, it does not fit into the appropriate category.  The picture you took with your dog, where you cropped Fido, but we can still see a paw?  No, not appropriate.  The picture where you used Photoshop to change the position of your hands?  No, Photoshop fail, since now your arms and hands look humongous!

Indeed, taking pictures can be painful. I get it. In spite of the popularity of camera phones, wherein selfies have become ubiquitous, there are still two camps of people:  those who are naturally photogenic and those who have to work at it. But therein lies hope; if you can work at it like a skill, then you can take photos that exceed your expectations. Let the preparations begin!

Tips for clothing:

– Avoid Prints and Patterns, they are not slimming and can draw attention away from your face. They can also date you, as prints and patterns tend to follow trends.

– Dark colors (navy, black, charcoal) are slimming.

– Brighter colors, in jewel tones, can be worn but they must compliment the undertones of your skin.

Tips for grooming:

– For men: A fresh haircut and neatly groomed facial hair.

– For ladies: A classic hairstyle or cut would be best, to avoid being dated.  Ensure the hair isn’t frizzy, does not have fly-aways nor have complicated details that will not show in the photo.

Straight or loose wavy hair helps to reduce these issues.

Tips for the face:

– Skin: Drink plenty of water to help lubricate the skin, so it does not look grainy. Get plenty of rest the night before the photo is taken to also help you look refreshed.

– Makeup: Ladies, go for a natural look.  Remember, this is not a glamour shot but a professional photo.  Update your color palette, tools and application technique by visiting a makeup artist at a department store makeup counter if you haven’t done so in a while, to avoid looking dated.

– Teeth: Are you an avid coffee, tea or wine drinker or smoker? Brighten your smile by using commercially available white strips to minimize stains.

– Tattoos: Use makeup concealer or Photoshop to eliminate the appearance of facial/neck tattoos, as they can be distracting.

I’ve found these tips to be beneficial in preparation for taking a photo; my photo below reflects their use. What are some of your tips? Please share them with the community in the comments below! In Part 3 of this series, we’ll discuss creating a Summary for your All-Star profile. In the meantime, happy Photo Op!


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