5 Most Important Aspects When Choosing A Job

What Do You Look For When Choosing A Job?

Recently the team here at LocalWork.com went out in search via social media outlets to figure out what a job seeker is really looking for.  Although the media talks about stunningly high unemployment rates, we wanted to hear from job seekers what they are looking for before accepting a new position.  As you can imagine, the local job market is tough, but job seekers might not be picking up a job just for the money.  Our lovely infographic below shows the 5 most important aspects when choosing a job.

unemployment infographic

What Does This Say To Employers?

Interestingly enough, although company culture is the number one desired aspect, employers have a hard time showing their culture in a job listing.  One question we commonly hear from employers is “how do we truly show culture, before the candidate gets an interview?”   After asking some follow-up questions to our job seekers this exact question here are some of their responses:

“The first thing I look at is where the job is posted.  If a company is taking the cheap classifieds route, I tend to not take them as serious.”

“I always look at their twitter profile.  If I see it has been over a year since their last message…I don’t get a good impression.”

Employers, if you want to attract A+ players into your company, it is time to spend that extra 45 min into your job post.  Rather than talking about how amazing their title will be, focus more on the ambiance and team involvement they can expect.



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