Cover Letter: Do I Need One?

cover letter need one?

The single most important paper an employer will see from job seekers is the Resume.  However, making a good impression with your cover letter will set the tone and personality for your resume.

Here are 3 tips that will give your cover letter the pop you need to get an employers attention and focus on your resume.


What is the company looking for when they are hiring you?  If you don’t know this answer, you shouldn’t be applying yet.  The cover letter is a great way to show off your attention to detail and adaptation.  When you letter is introducing yourself on how you are the best fit, it would make sense to share specifics why your experience matches the exact requirements stated in the job description.


Often the case of resumes, they state facts of productivity or experience rather than the overall yielded impact.  Take the time to express examples of enhancing a company by work you’ve performed.  Typical statements sound like this; “I re-built the order process from our largest vender.”  Now that is a large task I’m sure, but what benefit are you telling me?  In your cover letter you can say, “When I started the position at company XYZ, we were spending $10,000 more with an inefficient vender. I was able to streamline the process, save money, while also cutting down lead time to help our clients receive their orders quicker.”   See the difference?  Show off the benefit so your future employer can imagine you applying those same benefits with their company.


As a future employee, you should feel comfortable stating what your expectations from the employer are.  Employers love seeing candidates who take charge and ready to make the initiative.  Share your thoughts on tools, which can assist you, be the best you can be.

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