6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sending Out Your Resume!

Ok, you found that great job online. It looks great! It sounds great!

You check the deadline to get your application in. It is today! Panic sets in. “OMG, I have got to get that resume in pronto or I will lose my dream job!” you cry out. However, this is NOT the time to take your resume out of the mothballs and quickly send it.

BIG mistake.

“Why not get that resume in as quickly as possible?” you may ask.

I have a few questions for you before you impulsively send that mothball-ridden resume so you can beat the closing deadline:

1. Did you see if your resume looks anything like the job description?

2. Did you research the company sufficiently?

3. What is the company’s mission statement?

4. What does their brand say about them?

5. How big is the company?

6. How long have they been around?

I can promise you that if you quickly throw your resume at them the chances of you getting an interview are slim. Why?

Today, with modern computers, all resumes MUST be tailored. The days of throwing 50 resumes out there and expecting a bite are long gone. Almost all companies will put your resume through a computer process of some kind. If your resume is not tailored, forget it (unless you are looking for a telemarketing or underwater ballet position).

The world of hiring has undergone a technological transformation like the rest of society, especially in the last ten years. You have to always be one step ahead. You may not like to hear this but money should NOT be the only focus when applying for a position. Some companies will not be good fits for some people. Researching a company is crucial. What are a company’s values? How much does it invest in its people? How does it treat its people? What is the turnover rate?

A dream job that pays $10,000 more than your current one may be a nightmare waiting to happen. The only way to know for sure is to investigate. Once you have investigated the company thoroughly, then your resume MUST be tailored.

The goal of my company, Distinctive Careers, is not just to get people working. It is to help people obtain satisfying, fulfilling careers that benefit them, their families, and society as a whole. We research companies for our clients to help prevent potential pitfalls. We help you develop a tailored resume that has the best potential of getting you an interview. We know how busy people are today so we help prepare you in every way possible to advance your career with a company that fits with you.

Our mission is to assist people in developing satisfying careers. People who like their jobs are much more likely to like their home lives too. If I can come after a satisfying day at work, I am more likely to be patient with my wife, my kids, and even the dog. That has a ripple effect on my family and society as a whole. My wife is happier because I am happy and so are my kids.

Imagine if everyone had that sort of career.

It starts by not running just after the money but looking at the total picture of that enticing job you saw online. That’s where we  at Distinctive Careers can help.


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