The 2 Do’s and Don’ts After Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever left a job interview feeling like you just “nailed it” and felt the need to share that with your friends on social media?  Well, that is a great example on what NOT to do after a job interview.  The interview process is far different than it was even 3 years ago with the power of information from social media growing.  Recruiters are using tools to get a deeper sense at who you are and what type of fit you will be in their company culture.
Maybe you did nail that job interview, but you may have missed a few things other candidates did.  Or, you may have done something to disenchant the hiring manager after the interview to cause them to overlook you getting the gig.  Either way, here are a couple tips you should keep in mind next time you go in for an interview.
Do’s and Don’ts when following up after a job interview:
-Be sure to drop a hand written thank you card in the mail
 Something short and sincere will go a long way with a hiring manager.  Now, we are never advocates for being a brown noser, but being courteous and showing appreciation will give you a heads up on professionalism and follow through.
-Quick Email
3 business days after the interview is about the right amount of time to drop a quick email.  This email should be to the point and have a clear message behind it.  If you really want to stand out, use this email to ask 1 question related to company news/updates and the position you are applying for.  It is not the time to worry you haven’t heard from them.  Remember this is a nice reminder you are still there and taking the job very serious.
-Don’t Call Their Cell Phone
If you get a hiring managers business card, unless they tell you to, do not call or text their cell phone. This is ranked as one of the biggest factors recruiters get annoyed with you.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but chances are better if you call their office number and drop an email.
-Brag about interview on social media
As mentioned before, not a great idea.  Many companies like competent, confident individuals.  There is a line though between confident and cocky.  Don’t cross that line.  If you really want to share with your friends what you are up to, tell them about the amazing company you just interviewed for.  Mention a few things you love about the company and why you’d like to work there.  Any hiring manager who comes across this down the road will be pleased you are taking it serious.
Have some examples of things you did that worked or didn’t work?  I’d love to hear about it.  Drop a comment below.
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