Are You Interviewing With No Call Backs?

A couple days or weeks have gone by and you have heard nothing back after the interview you thought you nailed…WHY?  This can be really frustrating and honestly it is usually very deflating.  Some times you can take this as practice and move on, other times you were so hopeful to get the job that it sets you back a couple notches.  Here are a few tips that might help get you ramped up and ready before your next interview:

1- Make a Solid First Impression: So much of the hiring focus these days is on personality.  When you’re getting ready for the interview, your focus is probably on the tough questions, the response you’ll give and how to show off your experience.  Before you get a chance to show off your whitty anecdotes, you’ll already have the evaluation process beginning.  A couple things to help you make a GREAT first impression: A) Show up on time B) Dress The Part C) Be Respectful To Everyone D) Put your phone away!

2- Boost Your Confidence: Here are 3 tips we have put together to help you boost your confidence before walking into your interview: 1)Relax – if you are tense, there is a good chance you won’t communicate well.  2)They are human- Talk to the interviewer with professionalism and like they are a friend.  When you are faking it…they know! Bring out the genuine part of your personality to let the interviewer get a fair look at who you are.

3- Follow Up With The Recruiter: You had a great interview and the recruiter probably said to you we’ll follow up soon with you.  Now what?? Go ahead and follow up. Just make sure to use your professional common sense and avoid reacting to your feelings of job search angst. A couple quick tips on the follow up: 1- Email, Don’t Call 2- Show Interest, Not Desperation.

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