Never Been to a Phoenix Job Fair? Here’s What to expect!

Interviewing for a new job can be scary, interviewing for multiple jobs in one day seems unbearable. Here’s a little secret, it’s not! Job fairs are a great way to meet multiple employers who are hiring for numerous positions all at once! If you have never been to a Phoenix job fair, here’s what to expect when attending:

Expect Crowds of people:

Job fairs offer copious amounts of employers in search of new employees. Depending on what fair you are attending you should expect anywhere from 25-45 companies and a flow of roughly 300 attendees fluctuating in and out of the venue. This is A LOT of people, but there are ways to stand out in the crowd. One way to stand out and avoid the crowds of people waiting in line to talk to recruiters is to show up early to the event and be one of the first people to talk to employers. This will help you make a good impression as well as alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with being surrounded by so many other job seekers, aka the competition!

Expect to be asked, “What kind of job are you looking for?”

If you have never been to a job fair, be warned, if you are not prepared with pre-event research (looking up the different companies that are going to attend, as well as open positions) you will be asked what kind of job you are looking for, and don’t just respond with, “oh, anything really.” This looks terrible to recruiters! They are looking for job seekers who are there looking for specific positions, networking in order to find those jobs. So here is a hint, do your research. If you can expect to be asked that question, know your answer and be confident about it.

Expect to feel a little overwhelmed, but also accomplished by the end:

Job fairs typically run for roughly 3 hours, if you think about spending that entire time talking to every employer it can feel a little overwhelming. You should do your best to talk to everyone, because you never know what kind of connections you are going to make, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have in-depth discussions with EVERY employer at the event, the point is to find the ones that you have a connection with. If you sense that the culture of a company may not be the right fit for you, thank the recruiter for their time and move on. The point of the job fair is to find a perfect match for both job seeker and employer. Spending 3 hours interviewing can seem like a lot but by the end of your experience you are guaranteed to feel accomplished. Make that happen by coming prepared and confident in what you are looking for.

Expect to be told to apply online:

Even if you had the best conversation with a recruiter, they loved your resume and everything you had to offer, expect them to tell you that you still have to apply online. Don’t get frustrated by this; this can mean a multitude of things. For example, this could just be protocol for them companywide. A recruiter might have you fill out an application online after the event as a test to see if you actually follow through with it. Some employers might want to see your follow through rate, as well as acknowledge that you not only finished the task they asked of you but also proving how eager you are about the position.

Expect an on-site interview:

If you are qualified, personable, and have come prepared with research on companies and positions that were appealing to you, you should expect an on-site interview. Some people will be hired on the spot at job fairs, therefore you should always come prepared for an interview. Understand that these employers are there for the sole purpose of hiring multiple people for multiple positions. Imagine how much easier their job would be if they could find awesome candidates who they are able to hire right then and there. Be that candidate!

Never Been to a Phoenix Job Fair? Here’s What to Expect!

Utilizing the information from this article will help you in preparing for your first job fair. At this point, nothing should come as a surprise to you, which is awesome! The most important thing to remember when attending a job fair is that recruiters are in search of confident, personable, and well qualified candidates. Do everything in your power to be that kind of candidate!

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