Tips For Your Next Phoenix Job Fair

Success doesn’t just come, you have to work hard for it. As you start the job hunt process, remember to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Phoenix is a huge city with so much opportunity. Attending a job fair could be one of the best decisions you make in terms of your future career. Use these tips and tricks to make your next job fair in Phoenix a success.

Talk to All the Recruiters

One of the greatest components of a job fair is the fact that there are so many different companies attending the event. The key to success at a job fair is to talk to as many of the recruiters as possible. You never know what each company has to offer, so take the time to talk to each of them and see if they have what you are looking for. Tip: Recruiters know other recruiters, even if the job you want isn’t being offered, a recruiter you made a good impression on could know someone to connect you with in hopes to help you find your dream job.

Get Contact Information

Do I need to say it again, Phoenix is HUGE and the opportunities for work are ENDLESS. Even if the attending companies do not currently have the position you are looking for, it isn’t to say that position won’t pop up in the near future. Collect contact information from everyone you talk to.Tip: Bring a notebook with you and write down the names of each representative for each company. This will make it easy to make any future contact with them more personable; also, people love when you remember their name! Consider job fairs as another way to network; even if you don’t get a job out of it automatically, at least now you have numerous contacts which could help you in the future.  

Do Research Beforehand

Research which companies will be at the job fair before you attend. Look at the company website for the Phoenix region and take note of open positions. Doing research ahead of time will give you great talking points when face-to-face with the recruiters and give you the opportunity to tell them exactly what position you are looking for that their company has to offer. Trick: Have questions already written out that you want answered from various employers. This will show the recruiters how serious you are about finding a new career.  

Show Up Early

Phoenix traffic can be a nightmare, save yourself the anxiety of running late by leaving early and allowing yourself enough time to get to the event before it even begins. No one likes a crowd, and standing in line behind 5 other people looking to get the same job that you are sounds horrible. Trick: By showing up to the event early you will avoid crowds and give yourself enough time to talk to each and every employer. This also looks great to recruiters. Tip: Punctuality is such an admirable quality, especially to future employers.   

Dress for Success

We all know that these Phoenix summers are brutal, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not dress your best for these events. It is so important to dress for success and wear the appropriate work attire. During the 115 degree weather wearing a suit of any kind sounds miserable so feel free to leave the jacket at home but you best believe you better be wearing slacks and a nice shirt. This applies to both men and women. Ladies, make sure you are modest when picking out the right outfit, showing too much skin will show lack of professionalism. Tip: No flip-flops, shorts, revealing clothing, and make sure your hair looks nice!

Choose the Right Wingman/Wingwoman

Sometimes we see job seekers come to events with a mom or dad or grandparent. Employers will take note of the fact that you might have come to the fair under the supervision of a parent, and this can mean a multitude of things. It doesn’t look professional when you bring along a parent. Recruiters want to see a confident and independent candidate who doesn’t need someone walking them through the event (metaphorically and physically). Tip: Attending the event alone will also help with your own confidence as you navigate your way through. Get familiar with the questions different recruiters are asking and become more self-assured with what you have to offer them.

The great thing about Phoenix job fairs is that the recruiters are all actively looking to fill multiple positions. By using these tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to have a successful job fair experience. Remember to talk to everyone and make the best first impression possible. Who knows how many job offers you could get out of it!

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