How To Stand Out At a Job Fair

Going to a job fair can be tough to stand out and get their attention.  Here are a few tips to getting yourself noticed and ready to make a big impression:

1- Bring the smile 🙂

Many times we are all in a hustle and bustle.  It can be stressful going to a job fair.  You need to remember that you are being judged the moment you go to an event.  You need to showcase your outward appearance as happy, professional and someone that would be a great contributor to the employers company culture.

2- Ask great questions

Asking the right questions can give you a leg up on competition.  It shows that you know what to ask and a level of interest in the company and position.  Here is a great list of the best questions to ask at a job fair.

3- Network

Recruiters and HR professionals are professional networkers! They are in the business of PEOPLE.  Who better to know who you should talk to than the HR professionals you’re meeting at the job fair.  If you can’t find the perfect job at the event, chances are one of those HR professionals in the room will know someone who is. Make a great impression by talking to all the employers, but always ask if they are aware of other peers who are hiring for your skill sets.

If you’re not RSVPd for the upcoming job fair in your area, here is a list of job fairs in your area.

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