Targeting Millennials, The New Majority


Within the next 10 years, there will be more Millennials in the American workforce than any other generation, including Baby Boomers and Generation X. Considering that Millennials hold starkly different workplace values than the generations before them, how prepared is your company to not only survive this changing employment landscape, but attract the best Millennials in the workforce?

Here are a few tips that has compiled from hundreds of conversations with Millennials that HR managers can use to update their recruiting efforts this year. For more information on Millennials and their workplace values, download our free eBook here.


Think Outside the Box for Compensation and Benefits

According to Laurie Morse-Dell, a personal branding coach who specializes in working with Millennial job seekers, HR managers need to get creative when it comes to attracting Millennials to the workplace since this younger generation’s idea of compensation and benefits looks very different from their older generation counterparts. “The younger generation is less likely to be wowed by traditional HR benefits than past generations and more interested in how the culture of a business speaks to them. The good news for HR departments and business owners,” says Morse-Dell, “is some of the things that tend to score big points with Millennials won’t necessarily cost you big bucks.”

Morse-Dell suggests incorporating some “Pampering Perks” into your compensation plans that entice employees through indulgence.  Pampering Perks can range from giveaways like sporting event tickets, to onsite treats like an open snack cupboard or fresh fruit basket, to drool-worthy state-of-the-art technology that appeals to Millennials’ gadget cravings (and can wow clients as well)!

Here’s her list of suggestions, published by Career Attraction, to get you started:


Optimize for Mobile Job Search Experience

Millennial recruiting isn’t complete without a mobile-optimized experience that allows candidates to easily find, view and apply for positions directly from their smartphone or tablet. “One of the worst things small businesses can do when trying to reach Millennials is to ignore mobile and mobile apps,” says Donna Fuscaldo, a small business expert at Fox Small Business. “Millennials grew up with a mobile device attached to their hip and expect the businesses they interact with to support their mobile preference. Because of that, it’s important for small businesses to not only have a Website that is optimized for mobile search but also an app that makes their life easier.”

“Up to 90% of the time for millennials is spent in an app versus a browser,” says Lance Brown, Vice President of Product Development at Huzzah Media, the digital and mobile marketing company. “Whether they are buying a home or looking for a landscaper, an app is the first place they look.” Companies don’t necessarily need to create their own app to find great candidates, but their company profile and job opportunities should be posted with job boards that are optimized for mobile searching and applying.


Put a Name & Face Behind Recruiting Efforts

Millennials, in particular, need to engage with real people, not corporate identities, said Paul McDonald, Talent Acquisition Manager for “[For example,] if you have a corporate Twitter account for hiring, call out explicitly who those followers are interacting with. It makes for a more personal connection, which Millennials appreciate.”

Don’t be afraid to let candidates know who will actually be reviewing their resume by listing the recruiter or hiring manager’s name and a link to their LinkedIn profile on the job post. The personal touch makes your company more approachable and the position feel more accessible to potential employees. LinkedIn is a great way to build your own personal brand and show candidates the “real person” behind the open job posting.


Emphasize Collaboration & Belonging

More than anything, Millennials need to feel like they are joining a group where they’ll fit in and will have the opportunity to work closely with others to achieve common goals. Include pictures and videos of employees collaborating on your company’s social profiles. If possible, incorporating these images directly in your job posts or job board profiles to create a sense of belonging with your company and encourage job seekers to apply.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School emphasizes collaboration in their popular infographic “How to Recruit Millennials” by stating that “Millennials are natural collaborators, particularly when the group’s purpose and goals are understood.” Be sure to include your company’s purpose in goals in your job description to appeal to this population


Looking for more ideas to attract top Millennial talent to your company?  Read more strategies and see 15 actionable recommendations for attracting Millennials to your company in’s free eBook “How to Attract the Right Talent” here.


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