Company Culture Matters: Practical Advice for Touting Yours Online

Guest Post by Talent Inc.

The rise in social media has brought increased visibility to companies all over the world. With a simple Tweet or post, a company has the ability to reach customers and brand advocates swiftly and effectively. While this can prove to be beneficial for brand loyalty and sales, it’s time for companies to focus not only on selling their products or services to future customers, but also on selling themselves to prospective employees.

At Talent Inc., we’ve learned through our network of over 550 Professional Resume Writers that job seekers are increasingly looking for more than just a new job, they’re looking for the right professional lifestyle. With 93% of companies using social media for recruitment, if your company doesn’t have a publicly displayed corporate culture, you might not be successful in attracting the types of employees you’re interested in.


Here are a few practical tips for companies striving to reach job seekers where they are: in online social communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter:

1. Appoint a Social Ambassador

So where to begin? Identify someone within your company who enjoys social media, is social themselves, and has some company pride to spare. Next, identify what kind of corporate culture you want to portray and what kinds of employees you want to attract as a result.

2. Capture Special Events

Does your company take a yearly outing, have beers on Fridays, and themed days once a month? Snap away! Be sure to post those photos on Instagram and Facebook and you’ll be sure to attract those young, energetic, and social employees you’re looking for.

3. Show Off Your Expertise

Does your company focus on being a thought leader in your industry and you want to attract employees of a like mindset? Consider posting employee interviews about the work that they’ve done within your industry to take on a more professional tone.

4. Share How You Care

Are charity-based initiatives an important part of your corporate culture? Share informative articles and updates on how your employees are getting involved in your cause of choice.


Just be sure to think long and hard about what is culturally important to you as a company, and then translate that online, it may be the deciding factor when a candidate is choosing between job offers.

The big picture: long-term employee/company success results from job satisfaction, and it all starts with the selection process, which is a mutual decision. Good news for companies evaluating the payoff: 42% say that candidate quality has improved with the use of social media.

Today, job seekers don’t want to settle for a position that fits their criteria but is at a company that doesn’t fit them as an individual. They’re seeking out environments that will facilitate personal, as well as professional, growth. As a company, it’s your job to show off your social side and attract the employees who will want to shout “yes!” upon receiving their offer letter. After all, it’s mutually beneficial.


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