Three Mistakes That Will Keep You From Landing That Job

The job market is really becoming competitive. Several people searching for jobs are using almost every available tactic to give themselves even the slightest edge over other job seekers. However, what they do not know is that the very tactics that they are using could be hindering their job search efforts. As a job seeker, you certainly have to learn the recruiters mind if you want to come out victorious. The following are those common mistakes job seekers constantly make when searching for a job.

You Are Lying In Your Resume

This is one of those things many job seekers do in their resume. This will make you not get hired. When you are looking for a job, there is no need to lie in your resume. This is because at some point in life the truth will surely come out. Whether this happens on the day of the interview or while you will be working, your lies will backfire and do you more harm than good.

You Follow Up Too Much

There are quite a number of varying options on this issue. However, there is no rule thumb. Normally, this depends on your situation and what was actually said in your interview. All in all, quite a number of people will agree that doing a follow up five business days after your interview will be appropriate. However, after that you should leave it alone. This is because if you do it quite often, you will become a pest. Many companies do their things slowly and this does not mean if you do some follow up more frequently you will get hired.

You Are Obsessed With The Salary

While many people will want to be paid handsomely, focusing more on your salary will turn your potential employer away. Employers are looking for passionate and hardworking people. If you are out there just to make money, there are high chances that your employer will realize this and overlook you. More money will come your way with time. That is when you have the experience and skills to actually justify it.

Avoiding these top three mistakes will enable you get that job you have always desired sooner than you can imagine.

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