Tips for Moms Returning to the Workforce

This article was written by Jessica Pierce, a career transition expert, trainer and professional speaker. 

Pierce is also the Founder and Executive Director of Career Connectors.

Many American families are making hard choices in today’s economic climate. They are making choices about the future of their home, family, which bills to pay and jobs. The choices are often dependent on the employment status. Mothers who have been at home full-time raising children or mothers who have worked part-time are returning to the workforce full-time to support their families. After many years out of the job market, what can mothers do to be successful in their job search?

As with any job seeker, it is important to have a current resume. I know what you’re thinking – I’ve been at home with kids, what can I add to my resume? The answer is A LOT!

Volunteer work at school, church, community                                                                                                                     Were you an officer of the PTA/PTO or Homeowners Association? Did you organize an event like a clothing donation or blood drive? Do you organize the local stay at home moms to meet at a local coffee shop? Are you a volunteer at your child’s school? Did you organize a team for a local charity event? These (and more) are accomplishments that should be included on a resume.

Speaking or Blogging or sharing information with the public                                                                            
Establishing yourself as an expert as a speaker or blogger illustrates to a prospective employer that you are current and have been developing yourself as a professional. Do you speak to the women’s group at church? Do you have a topic you love to write? Many stay at home moms are bloggers and guess what — mom bloggers, you’re experts! You’re committed to sharing valuable information with your audience. You’re an established expert at organizing, event planning and more – you’re a mom!

Certification Training in a variety of fields is available through Workforce Connections                          
This is government funded training for job seekers. Career Connectors is partnered with three local schools that help train and re-train job seekers – Dynamic Training Worldwide Consultants, Training to You and Computer Skills Institute. Here’s the link:

Know who you are to guide what you’re looking for in a new career         
Taking a personality assessment like the DISC can help you understand your strengths. Understanding your strengths will help you find opportunities that are best suited to your unique personality. Use the information to guide your conversation with people who as what you’re looking for in a career.

Be confident!
Just because you haven’t had a professional “title” while at home with your kids doesn’t mean you aren’t an absolutely gifted, intelligent and fantastic employee.

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