Tips To Branding Yourself!

Branding Yourself!

This article was written by Jessica Pierce, a career transition expert, trainer and professional speaker.

Pierce is also the Founder and Executive Director of Career Connectors.

In today’s business world and economy it is important to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through Personal Branding. For job seekers and those in career transition it is especially important because as many as 80% of open positions are never posted to company websites. Jobs are posted through free outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you aren’t branding YOU chances are someone else is or worse – they’re getting the job of YOUR dreams!

So what is personal branding? Personal branding is developing an image of tangible and intangible characteristics. It includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge, leading to an impression that is uniquely distinguishable, and it has results that match.

Results are achieved through the following four Candidate Branding Strategies:

1. The Three E’s: Experience & Accomplishments, Education & Training and Expertise

2. Image: Paying attention to the details of your appearance will set you apart from other candidates. How you dress and act is your image. Wearing blue shoes with a black suit will surely NOT get you the job. Think the interviewer isn’t looking? You’re wrong. They have looked you up and down and already know if you’re a candidate before you are asked a single question. Wow them with your appearance!

3. Promotion through marketing collateral and digital media: More than once I have heard and said YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Whether you represent your own business or your career, prospective clients and employers want to know YOU. They want to know you fit the business and can work in the unique environment of their place of business. Having a business card and utilizing social media are great tools for promoting YOU!

4. Networking and Relationships: Want to know how 100% of the jobs that are never posted get filled? Through referrals and networking!



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