4 Body Language Tips That Will Help You Get Hired!

What does the photo attached to this article show you? Let’s focus briefly on the man to the right. Notice how he’s leaning into the handshake and obviously looks excited to greet the man on the left. Everything about his greeting helps him to be remembered. That’s your goal too, to be remembered by your greeting and how you communicate with others.

About 90% of communication is nonverbal and reflects our level of confidence. Confidence is a key component that, when developed, will help you get hired. So, don’t you think it would be important to know how to communicate confidence without using your words? Take some time to polish your body language before you interview, even over the phone, but especially in person. Here are a few places to start:

1. Don’t Look Like A Bum

The first step in communicating confidence nonverbally is dressing professionally. How you dress communicates volumes! It is far better to error on the side of over-dressing than under-dressing for an interview. If you’re interviewing for general labor or warehouse jobs it may be acceptable to wear dress pants and a polo; jeans should never be worn. Otherwise, make sure you’re at least wearing dress pants and a shirt and a tie for the guys, or a nice professional skirt and blouse, for the ladies. Dark colored business suits for men and women are preferred and make you look that much better.

If a company only requires business casual, take it from me, that still does NOT mean jeans and a polo. Business casual means dress pants and skirts, with a nice blouse or a buttoned-up shirt; a tie isn’t necessary. If you feel you can’t afford these items, borrow them from a friend or family member, because you can’t afford looking anything but professional.

2. Make Sure Your Head Is A Pleasure To Look At.

I could write an entire article focusing on smiling, eye contact, and strategic head nods each separately, but I’m simply going to advise that you keep all these things in mind and do your own research beyond this article.

Smiling: Nothing helps an interviewer feel more comfortable with you than a great smile. Your smile is one of your defining characteristics and will significantly contribute to getting you hired.

Eye Contact: Make sure you make confident and consistent eye contact. When you look away to create natural breaks in eye contact, look up, not down. This helps instill confidence in you and your message as a job seeker.

Strategic Head Nods: Head nods show you’re engaged and interested during the interview. Using head nods strategically while talking about your experience and qualifications helps to sell the interviewer on what you have to offer. Positive head nods subconsciously cause your audience to nod their head as well, in agreeance with you.

3. Firm Handshake

A firm handshake shows that you are a confident, strong person. Make sure your hands are dry too. I know anticipating for an interview can be unnerving, but don’t let your palms get clammy and sweaty. Air them out before you walk into the office to greet your interviewer. When you go in for the handshake, aim for the fleshy part of their hand between the thumb and index finger with this same part of your hand. This helps prevent an awkward handshake where either you or they end up shaking the other person’s fingers.

4. Posture

This is another very important piece. How you sit in your chair will either reflect excitement and engagement or boredom and disengagement.

Sit up straight, or sit on the edge of your chair leaning slightly forward, showing enthusiasm about your interview. Leaning into the interviewer shows that you are engaged in the conversation. If you choose the sit-up-straight method, make sure you’re indeed sitting up straight and not leaned back. Your posture speaks volumes about your enthusiasm for the job and the respect you show the interviewer.

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