Work-At-Home Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed

There are plenty of great job opportunities which allow you the luxury of working from home, however, there are plenty that take advantage of you. Here are a few tips which can save you a lot of heart ache from being a victim of a work-at-home scam.

Who’s Actually Paying The Money

Avoid any company that would ask you to pay for something before you begin. This is a quick way from a scam artist to grab your credit card info and start using it. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t setup direct deposit. This is a lot of personal info that could be used against you.

An Email Address Says A LOT!

A professional recruiter will not be offing job opportunities from email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected]. They will use professional email addresses with their companies name, for [email protected].

Google It

Take the time to do your research. There are many companies who offer review platforms on businesses so you can learn more about the company before applying. Great resource is See what others have said.

Copy and Paste sections of the job offer, or email correspondence and “Google it”. Chances are if they are a scam, they have sent this same message to a mass amount of people.

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