5 Key Job Search Tips for Soon-to-Be College Grads


Are you close to college graduation? How can you put together a resume that will impress an employer and help you land your first post-college job? Use these job search tips for soon-to-be college grads to make a splash in your new career!

Tip # 1: Start Early

Finding a great job can take several months. It is important to get a jump on the job search process so you can start interviewing. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your job options. Several career counselors have connections with top employers and will be able to help you line up an interview. Start booking interviews as this will help you gain valuable experience, and provides you with options instead of being limited to one employer post-graduation.

Tip # 2: Prepare a Resume

You need to have a resume ready to submit to potential employers. If you do not have any work-related experience, list some extracurricular activities you participated in during high school and college. If you do not have any extracurricular activities, sign up for some now! You need to gain some valuable experience to show a potential employer you are a hard worker, you can listen, and you follow directions.

Tip # 3: Location

Before you graduate from college, you must make decisions about where you want to live and work. Are you willing to relocate if the employer will provide valuable experience and a good salary? Some college graduates have their eyes set on certain areas like New York or Silicone Valley. Make decisions about location before you start submitting your resume as it will help you narrow your job search. Large employers only make a set number of jobs available each year, so you must be prepared to accept an internship instead of a paid position.

Tip # 4: Part-Time Position

To gain some additional experience before finding a full-time employer, consider picking up a part-time job for six months. A part-time job helps to prepare you for the larger workforce, and gives you some experience to show a larger company you have recent work-related experience.

Tip # 5: Networking

Use LinkedIn and start connecting with other professionals. Networking is an excellent way to find a great career. Some employers will watch LinkedIn to evaluate the new crop of college graduates and determine if any of them will be a good fit for their company. Spend time talking to family members and friends and find out if any of them can help you land a job interview with their employer. Networking is a great way to find a job, or gain some valuable advice to help you find a great career!

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