LinkedIn Like an All Star in 6 Easy Steps, in about an Hour!

Have you ever consulted with a LinkedIn coach? Picture this:  A client approaches my station, where a bright, cheery sign announces I am a LinkedIn coach for the event.  Eyes are bright, posture is engaged and energy is high; this client is going to create a LinkedIn profile and be on the way to landing the job of their dreams.  But underneath the eagerness, there is a degree of anxiety, with questions of trepidation appearing like thought bubbles above their heads, “Will I really get a job?” and “Who will I connect with?”.  At this intersection of hope and skepticism, LinkedIn becomes a daunting proposition for the job seeker who has tried everything, with little success.

To remove some of this mystique for my clients, I have simplified the LinkedIn profile process.  My method distills to the current fundamentals required for an All Star profile, LinkedIn’s highest designation, which means the profile is more searchable and findable for recruiters.  The best news?  It only takes about an hour!  So, you will need:

So that’s it.  Within an hour, you can complete these sections for an All Star profile, with the exception of the 50 connections.  If you allow LinkedIn to help, you may have those connections sooner than you think.  There are many other considerations, of course; we will discuss each item above in subsequent blogs.  In the meantime, Happy Profiling!

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