5 Tips For Your Career Toolbox

Do you have the right tools ready to land your next job or maximize your career advancement? There is more to finding a new job than filling out an application.

We will get you on track with 5 easy tips to update your career toolbox.

1) Resume Revival
Your first plan of attack is to get your resume updated with your latest jobs and new skills. Or create your own version of a one-page biography of your experience and personal story (if relevant). Don’t forget to include any accomplishments or career enhancing classes. A resume should have an easy-to-read format. If you are not satisfied with the way your resume looks, find a professional to assist you with the writing and/or layout of your information. Add a link to your resume if you have a website or online portfolio.

2) Show & Tell

There are different ways to showcase your professional work. Are you a graphic designer, a writer or an architect? You should always bring examples of best work into a meeting. Do you create or execute Sales Plans, Businesses Plans or Educational Curriculum? Then make it a point to discuss your projects and success stories. “Show & Tell” in an interview meeting is a smart way to set you apart and be remembered.

3) Create a Contact List
Create a list of all your professional contacts, including colleagues you have worked with at past jobs, associates from company partnerships and vendors you have worked with. Include family and friends who could be instrumental in assisting you with your career and connecting you to professionals. Use this comprehensive checklist as you reach out to your contacts via email, Linkedin and/or a personal phone call. Set a goal that makes sense for your schedule. Can you contact 3 professionals a day…or 3 a week? A personal message will help your contacts remember you and your career/job hunting needs.

4) Create Your Wish List
Think about companies you would like to work for based on the positive information you have read or heard about. Do you want a job that keeps you in your state? Or are you willing to relocate to a new city? Brainstorm a list of every company or type of industry you want to target. As you read about new and different companies that grab your interest online or in your local papers, add them to your “Wish List”. Then proactively research and contact these companies by sending a personal letter and resume. Look at your Linkedin contacts. Could any of them help refer you to a company or industry contact on your wish list?

5) Find Your Fans
Get your letters of recommendations ready to go for future interviews. You will need to ask your previous managers, colleagues or clients to take the time to write a reference letter that demonstrates your abilities and attributes. Since much of our society is deeply rooted in social media, you will commonly find professionals writing great recommendations on Linkedin. It’s easy to send a request to your contacts via Linkedin.

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