5 Ways To Be A Leader In Your Profession

How do you become a leader in your field? Every person will go through their own personal journey to climb the ladder. After speaking to many leaders about their professional advancement, we have learned these solid lessons.

1)    Share Your Thoughts
Some people find it difficult to speak up or feel afraid to be heard in their job. Your  company depends on employees, like you, to share ideas and provide suggestions for improvement. Think of leaders like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson. These leaders did not become pioneers by staying quiet. If your employer does not allow you to express your thoughts and grow, you may be in the wrong job.

2)    Participate
Get involved with projects inside and outside of your job. Take on a new task that will expose you to new areas or develop skills for your portfolio. Try volunteering at a non-profit or business association outside of your job. Not only will you expand your network by meeting other business professionals in the community, but you will feel gratified by your participation.

3)    Learn From Mentors
Find mentors in your field and learn from them. Ask them questions and find out about their obstacles and successes from their experience. Look into nationally known leaders in your field. Read about them online, in articles and books. Research and study the people and the companies you admire. Soon you will be mirroring their strong leadership qualities.

4)    Become A Mentor
Think about becoming a mentor to younger professionals or to those just entering your field. Being an advisor and sharing your knowledge is rewarding and a sure way to become a thought leader in the business world.

5)    Don’t Give Up
We all face professional challenges. Know that your ups and downs will make you smarter and stronger. Learn from your mistakes and tackle what you can control. Keep moving forward and never give up on your career dreams!

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