5 Signs You Need A New Job!

Like relationships, some jobs aren’t meant to last forever. Many times, employees won’t have insight about the qualities of a specific job and culture until they start their new position and have spent enough time inside the company. Even with your best intentions, some jobs simply don’t work out. If you find yourself feeling uncertain about your future or fantasizing about a new job opportunity – LocalWork is here to help.

We have seen these top five signs that tell us it’s time to take the plunge and look for a new job!

1)    You are bored
All jobs have busy peaks and valleys. But if the most interesting part of your day is talking about yourself on Facebook or obsessing about what’s for lunch – it’s time to ask for more projects or look for a new job.

2)    You can’t grow
Some companies may not have opportunities for your advancement into more senior level roles or a lateral position change. Maybe you have a boss who wants you to stay in the job he/she hired you for. This is okay for awhile, but there may be a time where you feel you want to be challenged with higher level skills and different responsibilities. Don’t think of your current job as a waste of time, this is a stepping stone to the next phase in your career.

3)    Your job does not utilize your talent
Are you stuck in a job that does not allow you perform the skills you are good at? If you are a people person who enjoys building client relationships – you will loose your drive in a job that forces you to work with numbers all day. Think about your strengths and passions and begin researching opportunities that align your ambitions.

4)    Your job kills your joy
Do you find yourself in a bad mood – all the time? We all have great days and bad days at work. But if you dread going to work and feel unhappy or upset every day while at your job – then it will negatively impact other areas of your life. This is no way to live…move on!

5)    You have NO life
Our careers and job responsibilities can leave us with little free time.
Does your boss expect you to constantly work overtime? Or does your industry demand more than 40 hours a week? Every career is different and every person manages demanding schedules differently (shetika). Research studies indicate that it is healthy and important to have interests and activities that provide you with a break from work (such as exercise and spending time with friends and family.) You should determine what is important to your work and life balance so your job does not cause you more stress than it’s worth.

Feeling frustrated and wishing for a new job isn’t enough to make a change – you need take action!
Take proactive steps such as talk to your business contacts, update your resume and explore job board websites, such as LocalWork.com . It takes some time to find a new opportunity, but you will feel fulfilled once you have a fresh beginning!

Tell LocalWork why you need a new job and the steps you are going to take!




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