5 Tips to Reach Your Goals for the New Year

We start each year full of hope and new ambitions. A new year means another chance for new beginnings! Many times we are happy to declare our new goals in the first week of January – but by March, we have lost our motivation.

No matter what goals you have – from landing a new job to starting to exercise – here are just a few tips on how to reach your dreams.

1) Write Your Goals Down
Writing out your goals may seem like a simple strategy; yet, research shows that writing down your goals makes you over 80% more likely to achieve them. So you may as well bring those good odds to your side by typing up your goals on the computer or handwriting them into your journal to give you the clarity on what you really want from your life. If you are a visual person, create pictures or cut out pictures from a magazine that represent the visual image of your goal.

2) Be Specific
It’s important to set clear and specific goals. Just writing down a general sentence like “I want to exercise” is not a clear strategy that leads to success. It does not specify how often or when. Define a clear actionable goal. A good example would be: “I will work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday for one hour after work. Or I will invest 3 hours a week networking online and in-person to find a new job.

3) Have a Partner
Share your goals with family or friends – you can help motivate each other. Ask someone for advise on how did he/she lose weight, quit smoking, or find their dream job. People who have achieved a similar goal to yours can offer their knowledge and guidance to lead you to success.

4) Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
Be honest with yourself and create manageable goals. You may be able to successfully achieve 2-3 major goals for the year versus overwhelming yourself with 10 different goals (ward). Then take your big idea and brainstorm on how you can break down your resolution into small steps. Work on those small steps a little each week or 1-2 hours on your days off.

5) Reward Yourself
Celebrate your accomplishments. Acknowledge even your small steps and victories. “Dangle a carrot” to motivate yourself for the day. For example, tell yourself you will reward yourself with a good movie or a visit with a friend AFTER you take any action that strives toward your goal – such as completing a one hour exercise routine.

Refer to your list of goals often… weekly, monthly, or quarterly to keep yourself focused and on track.
Tell us one of your goals or a strategy that works for you!

Best wishes for the New Year! ~ LocalWork.com

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