6 Job Strategies for Moms Returning to the Workforce

momsA number of women quit their jobs to raise their small children and assume they will later return to the workplace as the kids get older. The problem many women are running into is the fact that the jobs just aren’t available, or the doors aren’t opening to them. What can you do if you are ready to get back into the workplace as a parent? Use the following job strategies for moms heading back into the workplace.

1. Start Small

If you have tried to find a full-time job, but no one is hiring, consider a part-time job or remote work. Starting with a smaller job will provide recent job experience, which most employers respond to and are willing to look at when they review your resume.

2. Community College

Before you start looking for work, take some community college classes to bolster your skills. You need to understand how all the new programs are working before you interview for a job. If you have the basic skills mastered, it saves an employer time in the training process. Employers will consider your recent skills during the interview and it can give you an advantage over the other applicants.

3. Positive Outlook

When you go into each job interview, have a positive outlook. You need to make a list of all your accomplishments and skills so you can focus on them during the interview. Although you may have taken a decade off work, you have still been working by raising your children. There are some valuable skills you have picked up along the way that you can discuss with your new employer.

4. Network

The classified ads simply do not have the same credibility when it comes to finding a good job. You need to look at new online networking opportunities to find a job. Create a profile on LinkedIn that you can send to employers, and to find companies that are hiring. About 65% of all the best jobs out there are obtained through networking, so you just need to spend time reaching out to family members, friends and other associates; perhaps try reaching out to old co-workers to see if they still work for the employer you once worked at together.

5. Update Your Resume

Take some time to update your resume with a list of your accomplishments. If your resume looks weak related to work experience, consider volunteering at a local school or with non-profit organizations. Some recent volunteer work shows you know how to listen well and work hard. List the skills you have recently obtained through volunteerism and discuss them during a job interview.

6. Patience

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. A great job will open up as you search and schedule as many interviews as you can. Have confidence in your skills and know you can be a valuable asset to an organization!

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