Dressing for the Occassion: How to Stand Out in a Good Way

Let’s get real about dress code!

When thinking of dressing the part for an interview, people typically look for very professional outfits. Men tend to utilize a suit or casual business jacket with nice slacks and women go towards a simple skirt with a blouse paired with a low heel. The outcome might come to something pictured below:








Now, for some people these outfits may seem stuffy and uncreative. There are ways to really show your creativity and personality through your work attire without going super casual. Following trends and fashion reports will help you influence and decide which direction you want to take, but please realize that not all trends are for everyone!



For example, trending for women’s style right now is the ultimate in Mad Men style- the peplum. Even though this classic trend was hot back in the day, that doesn’t mean that you should run out and purchase several. Trends are exactly that- trendy! Choose a style that best suits your personality and style and go with one outfit. Keep it tailored and classic and pair it with something slightly more elevated in style and you will stand out in a positive way. Don’t be afraid of color either! You can use color to stand out in a great way to show your personality and creativity. Not all business outfits need to be blue, gray or black. Sometimes using a little color shows your ability to think outside of the box.







A popular trend for menswear also stems from a strong Mad Men influence. Trending right now is the idea of dapper dressing. This shows a strong departure from jeans and other rugged wear being paired with sport coats. Menswear trends are moving towards suits worn with rounded shirt collars, trim accenting on jackets and heavier, vintage, brass accessories. If you ever wanted to bust out and have that vintage James Bond moment, now is the time to try on a new look!






Take any opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a good, positive way especially when looking to speak with someone for an interview or even at a job fair. Taking that extra time may earn you bonus points in the long run when an employer thinks of you. As an objective person, think of yourself as wanting to hire a potential employee. Are you going to remember someone who shows up to the job fair dressed like this:











OR… like this!











Making a GOOD lasting impression leaves no room for error to employers as to just how serious you are about looking and finding a good quality job. The way you dress for these occasions can really make a HUGE impact! One that is instant and says a LOT about who you are.

In concern to any excuses about lifestyles and schedules, I have a suggestion there as well. It is true that we all have things to do in our busy afternoons and not all of us can walk around in nice attire all day after we’ve done an interview or attended a job fair. That is where bringing a change of clothes or time management might be a factor.

If your unsure as to how to spice up your wardrobe without completely over doing it, search online retailers for upcoming trends and look towards inspirational boards such as Polyvore.com or Pinterest.com. These are valuable resources for good office outfits and professional attire!

Whatever direction you choose to go with professional wear, make sure to just keep it simple and comfortable and you’ll end up with an outfit that could land you that next interview!

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